Top Trail:  Ghost House Walk Trail, Yanchep NP

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Alyssa Tan


Wildflowers were out when we went in early-September. Narrow trail, flat terrain. The sand made it more challenging which I enjoyed. Not the most scenic trail, but enjoyable all the same.

Sandra Kuhn avatar

Sandra Kuhn


I did the trail today on my own. Was an easy walk with beautiful views. Will definitely recommend it.

Georgia Villaflor avatar

Georgia Villaflor


Completed this trail on the weekend and I would have to say it surprised me. The trail is quiet narrow and over grown in parts and gives you a real sense of bush walking. I really like a difference in terrain when walking for long distances and this trail was great for that. There were also animals everywhere and in two instances almost stepping on two blue tongues who were taking a nap in the sun in the middle of the trail . The "ghost house" is so non existent you'll miss it if you blink but the trail alone was worth it. Really good day out.

Emma Adams


The walk is nice and not difficult. Yanchep NP is a nice little day trip, but other trails around Perth are better. Still, I always enjoy seeing new places, and walking through the koala area (not on the trail) was fun. As others have said, the ghost house is not anything special, so don't go just for that!

Jane Darling


The swamp is pretty but the walk is pretty meh. I didn't rate it.

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