Elizabeth Quay

About the Trail

There is a small beach, just wide enough to land two kayaks side by side.

Start this short trip in the car park under the Narrows Bridge on the South Perth side. Parking here is free and permitted for up to 4 hours. There is a sand beach to launch from. Cross under the bridge to the north side of the river and follow the shoreline to Elizabeth Quay.

The high arches of the footbridge are obvious about a kilometre to the east. Enter the pond under the footbridge by the first span you come to, this keeps you out of the ferry channel. Once inside the pond, be careful of boat traffic. There is a narrow beach hidden in the south east corner. On the map this is the right side of the island playground. You could paddle under the low bridge here, but beware ferry traffic near the Barrack Jetties. Larger boats must stick to the deeper channels, obvious with Port and Starboard markers. If you paddle outside of these channels you will avoid conflict. Note that you do not have right of way over other vessels, commercial or otherwise, if they are restricted to the channel.

This area can be windy. Waves can be confused near the rocks walls and reflective surfaces close to the pond but it is only a hundred metres or so until you are adjacent to the beach on the north side of the river.   

Return to your car via the reverse route. You can land on the beach along the way and picnic on the grass. The eight large orange mooring bouys are for public use.

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