Top Trail:  Eagle View Walk, John Forrest NP

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Jason Bromell


Really great walk that is close to the city. We went clockwise. Second half is more shaded. Took 4 hours plus stops. GPS said 16km. This is what the sign says at the beginning. Wrong time of year though. Will come back at the end of winter.

Nicole HS


When: January Temp: 27 C Time: 9AM The walk was enjoyable although we got confused at the start and walked for an hour in the wrong direction! There are lots of paths that lead out of the picnic area and we took the wrong left turn. I think it would have been more scenic if we went during spring. The scenery was rather dry. I think walking boots are more suitable. My hubby just wore sneakers and the rubber bottoms were very worn after. BRING LOTS OF WATER - we took 4.6L between the two of us and we could have done with more. We detoured so it took us 5 hours all up.

Irina Guidara avatar

Irina Guidara


My friend and I completed this trail today. It was quite nice. Great weather with a maximum of 20 degrees. I would definitely do it again. I liked the length of it which is 16 kms. We completed this trail in four hours and we went clockwise. I would like to complete more tails like this one.

Anna Emenheiser


Definitely go clockwise unless you are looking for technical parts of the trail after you've already tired out your legs. The trail was well marked, and at intersections that weren't marked, I found it easy to decide which was the real path. Took me about 3.5 hours to make it around the trail, with stops to take pictures. However, if you're looking for a more leisurely pace, plan for 4-5 hours.

Emma Adams


A great trail - other than potentially the length for some, it isn't too challenging. Went on a coolish summer day and even then it wasn't too tiring, just make sure you take plenty of water! It took us around 4 hours to complete it, taking it fairly easy. Going clockwise puts the hillier section at the start, but does mean the last few kms are a bit of an endless flat stretch - but as always, the bush is lovely to walk through and we did see some kangaroos too. Definitely going to be doing it again.

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