Dwerta Mia Walk Trail, Yanchep NP


This short, family friendly walk is just perfect to introduce your kids to nature. Featuring interpretative signage, visiting ‘Dwerta Mia’ - the ‘house of the wild dog’ - will give you a unique experience of Australia through the eyes of Aboriginal culture as well as a better understanding of how the limestone environment has formed over hundreds of thousands of years.


The "House of Wild Dogs Cave" on Dwerta Mia trail

Photo Credit: Harry Frochter

About the Trail

The one kilometre return Dwerta Mia Walk Trail is one of the many walk trails located within Yanchep National park north of Perth.  Yanchep National Park is renowned to be a great family visit providing a unique experience of Australian nature within a thoughtfully programmed and managed environment.  It is one of the shortest walks that offers a perfect introduction of nature to your youngsters, and with its flat 500m disabled access circuit that can be accessed from Boomerang Gorge Car Park it is just right for everyone that wants to be out and about.  The best season to visit Yanchep NP is during the autum, winter and spring months.

'Dwerta Mia' is an aboriginal expression for 'the house of the wild dog'.  History states that this place was not entered by Aboriginals guiding early European explorers as they believed that the place was not only inhabited by dingos (i.e. wild dogs) but also by evil sprits.  The walk can be entered from the Boomerang Gorge (which is also a great picnicking spot) where you walk between impressive cliff formations and amazing greenery, where you can meander through the collapsed cave system. The trail marker is also a boomerang. The Dwerta Mia walktrail enters into Caves walktrail at the end. 

Even though the trail itself is well signposted once you are on it, please make sure you pick up a map for the national park at the entry station as there are many trails in this area and it might be difficult to locate the start and endpoints of trails.  

Need to Know