Direction Island Heritage Trail

About the Trail

Direction Island sits to the north east of the atoll and is accessible twice a week by the local ferry service from West and Home Islands. The jetty sits adjacent to the Commemorative Sydney Emden 100 Interpretive Gazebo and the Trail Head.

The Trail has a west and east loop, intersected by the Trail Head and Gazebo. The Direction Island Heritage Trail has 25 interpretive panels along its 3.5km course. The island is very flat and well shaded, however the west end of the trail may have palm frond litter.

Direction Island has a wood BBQ, covered picnic tabels and drop toilets. A great place to swim, snorkel and relax, the trail allows walkers a chance to learn about the establishment of the Cable Station, life and times of the Station, the Emden and Sydney WWI story, the Ayesha story, WWII history, military units based on the islands, Catalina flights and more recent history associated with international yachts mooring at the islands.

An easy trail with each loop taking approximately 1 hour, suitable for families and those with moderate fitness levels and abilities. There is no drinking water on Direction Island, and always cover well from the effects of the sun and mosquitos.

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