Dillie Creek, Charnley Station, Kimberley


At only 150 metres one-way from the parking spot trailhead, Dillie Gorge Trail doesn’t get much shorter than that. The main attraction at the end is an open, shallow gorge with a big expanse of freshwater suitable for swimming and canoeing. 

Canoeing in Dillie Creek

Canoeing in Dillie Creek

Photo Credit: Pelusey Photography

About the Trail

Dillie Gorge Trail is short on distance at 150metres, but you do need to do a little rock scrambling to get to get there, but it’s worth the effort. Like all trails on Charnley River-Artesian Range Wildlife Sanctuary, it is well marked.

The gorge is wide and not particularly deep, the main highlight being the surprisingly large freshwater pool.  Because of its size, the pool is a great spot for swimming.

There are two canoes located here which can be used after payment made at the Charnley River Wilderness Camp office. All you need carry with you is a set of paddles. Getting the canoes in and out of the water is a bit tricky due to rocky terrain. The paddle, however, is sublimely beautiful. One of the most pleasurable things to do here is sit on a sandy bank and Zen out gazing at watery reflections of rocky embankments. 

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