Coral Bay Kayak Trail


There is a series of kayak only moorings within the sheltered inner lagoon of the Ningaloo Reef. A kayak is the ideal way to explore and snorkel on the coral. Trips out to the moorings vary from two to several kilometres.

Ningaloo kayak expedition

Coral Bay can also be the start point of a multi-day expedition along the Ningaloo coast.

Photo Credit: Martin Chambers

About the Trail

Ningaloo is home to the world's largest fringing reef and can be reached by just a short paddle or swim in many places. Nowhere else on the planet can you access a large coral reef so easily. What's more, it's made the UNESCO World Heritage list for its incredible biodiversity and the 'bucket list' as one of the few places in the world where you can swim with the largest fish in the ocean, the gentle whale shark.

More than 500 tropical fish species inhabit the 300 kilometre long reef. They live in and around more than 200 species of coral. 

DPaW has provided ten kayak-only moorings at great spots along the Ningaloo coast. Although this is shown as a trail, you can simply launch off the beach, take your snorkel gear, and head out to one of the moorings.

Go to the links tab to download information and locations of the moorings. Each mooring can take up to ten kayaks so there is no need to book, or worry about crowding.

Positions shown are approximate. A leaflet with the exact GPS locations is available in Coral Bay, Exmouth visitor centre or at the Ningaloo entrance to the park. The leaflet also directs you - eg: 'paddle NW from the beach for 1.5km. This is sufficient to find the moorings so you do not need a GPS.

Need to Know