Blackboy Ridge, Upper Chittering


The hidden walk trail on this reserve is seasonally abundant in wildflowers ~ wattles, parrotbush, orchids… It boasts fantastic views across the valley from the lookout at the top of the trail. It is 1.5 km return and is steep in places.

Blackboy Ridge, Upper Chittering

The trail in the valley

Photo Credit: Pelusey Photography

About the Trail

Start from the northern end of the picnic area where you will spot, through the trees, a footbridge which crosses a small creek. The lower slopes of the ridge support a marri-wandoo woodland with its understorey of heath plants. A second footbridge then crosses a very small creek which is dry for most of the year.

The marri-wandoo woodland thins out and heath vegetation becomes more dominant as you climb the gentle slope of the trail. The upper slopes are dominated by grasstrees (blackboys). Looking uphill to the left of the track is a depression in the hillside, it is covered in grasstrees and looks particularly attractive in spring.

On the final ascent, the trail passes around the side of the ridge before crossing the summit and leading to a lookout. From here there are spectacular views across the Chittering Valley

Need to Know