Annie Creek Trail, Mornington Wilderness Camp, Kimberley


Annie Creek Riparian Habitat Trail is an easy 2.4km return largely flat trail following one side of Annie Creek. The trail is easily accessible from the camping ground and is well marked and features informative interpretive signage. The rainforest vegetation is richly diverse and so is the birdlife. 

Rainforest lines the creek

Rainforest along Annie Creek

Photo Credit: Pelusey Photography

About the Trail

This trail takes you along Annie Creek, a tributary of the Adcock River. Riparian habitat is a vegetation community that occurs alongside watercourses. The walk is 2.4km return and takes about one hour to complete, unless you are a birdwatcher.

With the multitude of bird species known to frequent the dense riparian habitat and neighboring savanna grasslands, birdwatchers could spend the whole day on this trail with a pair of binoculars. You could see several species of finches, including crimson finches, painted finches and double-barred finches. The dense rainforest on the creek provides habitat for various kingfishers, honeyeaters, rainbow bee-eaters and others birds that don’t live in open savannah woodlands.

The best time of the day for birds is just before and after sunrise when they most active. There is excellent interpretive signage spaced along the trail that gives a great insight into the natural history of the area. 

Need to Know