Adcock Gorge, Gibb River Road, Kimberley

About the Trail

Adcock Gorge is on the Adcock River, about 5km off the Gibb River Road, along a very rocky 4WD track.

The rocky uneven walk trail starts at a clearing where cars park. There is some boulder clambering involved. The walk is little more than 500 metres one-way, so it’s a bit surprising it doesn’t receive more visitors. But, for people willing to stop by, this gorge has plenty to offer.

The deep pool is a great spot to cool off. The steep rock walls at the end of the pool provide a dramatic backdrop. A waterfall plunges into the pool, its intensity depending on how soon after the wet season finished. There are luxuriant patches of ferns in shady areas and water lilies in a pool further downstream. The best feature of this gorge is the solitude. You have a really good chance of having this peaceful oasis to yourself.

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